Saturday, March 1, 2008

Moving on..

I've got an appointement on Monday with a new chiropractor in Glendale to follow up on my recent visit to Las Vegas and my sister's chiro. I had some problems believing and trusting the woman I saw in Los Angeles, and wasn't getting much in the way of results. After X-rays, and a full history of abuse my body has taken (soccer, horses, cycling, jiu-jitsu, accidents, messengering, etc...). fortunately, nothing is fractured, I've just been receiving less than awesome chiropractic care and reccommendations. I had two adjustment and felt tremendously better. I even took my freshly built mid-90's Landshark out for a ride yesterday. I'm basically in physical therapy mode which means taking it easy, and refraining from doing anything that makes me hurt at all. I hope to be back in full effect in the coming weeks, and catching up with everything I've missed out on in the last months.

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