Tuesday, June 24, 2008

cash rules everything around me.

I've always hated the idea of asking a bank for money and paying a ton of interest on it. It's why I've only had 2 credit cards with $500 limits, and canceled one of those. My only hitch in building frames (still some back problems, but I can manage with my 3 chiropractor visits a week) has really been about money for equipment.

A good friend needed a new computer for some film editing, and used this website to help fund that. Basically, it's a lot like EBay auctions, but rather than getting stuff you give someone really cool some money, and make a sweet interest rate off it. I've messed around with it for a couple weeks basically just making sure it's legit, and that if I so choose I can pay the loan off early and save some interest. The minimum loan amount is $50, but at this point I feel like every $50 helps.

Moth Attack Loan info