Friday, February 27, 2009


February has been interesting. Less productive than I had hoped in someways, but really good in others. Decals are coming, logo is finished (below), the banner for Encino Velodrome is in my hands, and I've got a really talented friend making some custom dropouts, and parts to go on some of the San Diego Show Bikes. We're also in the process of moving in two new roommates, and re-organizing our work areas. I've completely out-grown my little corner, and with some creative shuffling have made more room. Obviously, I still don't like blogging any more than I did last month.

I also have a friend and fellow track racer starting a women's cycling magazine. She can be found over at for now. She intends to debut at Interbike, and cover everything from road, track, mountain, cross and every day riding. I'm excited, and while it is late overall there has been a really big jump in women's racing this year alone. The field gets bigger every race, and personally I see a lot more comraderie all around.

Don't forget the San Diego Show. The guys putting it together are really nice, and it should have a really awesome turn out. I'm really excited about being a part of the whole event!