Monday, January 28, 2008

business license?

I'm falling apart physically, and haven't been able to even work on cleaning up the A-Lab in over a month. Hopefully this new chiropractor helps solve my problems. I have been learning how to pay taxes, file licenses, and well, I suppose some sort of business skills. I just sent my own track frame out for a powdercoat after the first year of racing and trying to break it myself. It's wonderfully stiff and responsive, and deserved better than a clearcoat. I've ridden it on the street, track, and managed to even crash once at ADT without a problem in the last year.

I'm taking $500 deposits, and starting the waiting list. I'm not going to be insured until March 1 at the earliest, and my back isn't going to be very happy about framebuilding for a couple weeks anyway. Frames should start at $1200, no fork, no lugs.

I'm also trying to figure out how much interest there is in flat crown straight bladed forks like the one on the bike above. No one sells them outside of custom builders, and that is usually one of the things people like most about my frame. If there is enough interest, I can make a batch cheaper than one by one.

I'm not sure how I'm going to work it out yet, but I'd like to donate a percentage of each frame to something awesome, like Sea Shepherd, or the Shac 7. 1% for the Planet seems to be a pretty cool organization, but the non-profits come across as being pretty tame for my tastes. Maybe each frame can come with a couple different options for organizations to donate to?

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